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Poetry, Prose and Tea

Writing Group

Our mission is to provide a creative, relaxing, and safe space for writers and aspiring writers to develop their poetry and prose. We are here to help one another flourish and give support in a warm and respectful environment.

Group Format

*Greetings and Introductions

*Participants share a poem or prose they've been working on and receive

  positive feedback from listeners (≈30 minutes)

*Briefly discuss possible prompts for the writing exercise (10 minutes)

*Write poetry or prose on the prompt of choice (≈30 minutes)

*Participants share what they have written (optional) (≈30 minutes)

*Leader closes out the session 

This group currently meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month on Zoom at 10:30 AM (PST)

(Total Time = 2 Hours)

Group Protocol

1. No discrimination with regard to race, religion, politics, disability, gender, etc.

2. Adhere to the group's mission statement, format and protocol as they are designed to preserve the group's integrity and provide a safe environment.

3. Positive feedback should be limited to what you as the listener find meaningful, interesting, exciting or "stood out" in the work. The listener may also ask one or two questions seeking clarification in the work.

4. The writer may ask questions about the work and, in answering those questions, the responder should be brief and stay on topic with the question. Responses should pertain to the work, not the writer (character, personal life, race, religion, etc.) or the writer's process.

5. Be mindful of the time to allow each segment of the group format to be completed.

Previous Guest Workshop Facilitators

Brendan Constatine, Poet, Teacher, Author of Dementia My Darling (poetry)

* Luella Hill-Dudley, Poet, Publisher, Producer, Author of Message In My Pen (poetry)

* Deborah Kolodji, Poet, Teacher, Retired IT professional, Author of highway of sleeping

    towns (haiku and senryu) 

* Lynne Thompson, Los Angeles Poet Laureate, Author of Beg No Pardon (poetry)

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