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"Patchwork Poetry" 

Writing Workshop

Come Join us for this poetry/prose writing and collage workshop! You will relieve stress, 

enhance creativity and enrich your writing skills.


We will explore a writing technique that uses collages created by you. This method produces unique poetry and prose while incorporating an artistic collage to serve as your inspiration canvas. Stress will melt away and creativity will be enhanced. Your overall well-being will improve and as a bonus, it’s easy to teach to your family, friends or students.


What better gift for the holidays than to give a personalized poem or prose piece as a cherished keepsake that will last for years to come. Poetry writing novices and even experienced poets who are unfamiliar with this simple technique will be impressed and find it enjoyable and inspiring. Those who want to write to express their thoughts and ideas, but don't always make the time to do so will find this workshop motivating and encouraging.


Make this time for yourself! You'll be happy you did. I look forward to seeing you soon!


This workshop has extended into Po​etry, Prose and Tea (Writing Group) where we continue to focus on poetry, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, essays, reflections and journal writing.

Writers and aspiring writers of all genres are welcome.

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